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At Polygon, we firmly believe that diversity serves as the cornerstone for both innovation and success.

The founding team stands at the intersection of fundamental research, healthcare, and business, recognizing the crucial role that a multifaceted approach plays in driving progress.

leadership Team

Mohamed ABOU ALI

Mohamed Abou ali

Chief Executive Officer

Co-founder of POLYGON, Mohamed leverages several experiences in the pharma industry (IQVIA, Sanofi Genzyme, Chiesi), specializing in the hospital business ecosystem.

With a PharmD & Msc in immunology from UParis and a MSc in Management from ESSEC Business School, Mohamed seamlessly blends scientific expertise with business acumen.

Beyond his biotech pursuits, Mohamed is a certified Pastry enthusiast

Hafid Ait Oufella

Pr. Hafid ait oufella

Chief Scientific Officer

Co-founder of POLYGON, Hafid heads Team 5 at Inserm U970, focusing on immune responses in cardiovascular diseases.

On top of his research and teaching activities, Hafid holds an MD-PhD in cardiology and intensive care from Paris Sorbonne University and works as an ICU physician at Saint-Antoine Hospital (AP-HP).

Hafid loves collective challenges and practices rugby on a regular basis.

Tatiana Monseur

Tatiana Monseur

Chief Ops & Finance Officer

Co-founder of POLYGON, Tatiana draws from 5 years of strategy consulting at Bain & Company. She supported multiple C-level transformations and private equity due diligences, with a focus on Pharma industry.

Tatiana holds an MSc in Management from ESSEC Business School with a major in finance and strategy.

As a Yoga aficionado for years, she holds an instructor certificate.

Scientific Board

Peter Libby

Peter Libby

Professor of Cardiology

Former Chief of Cardiovascular Medicine at Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston, Dr. Libby is also professor at Harvard Medical School.  
Specializing in inflammation's role in vascular diseases, he has received prestigious awards, including the Gold Medal of the European Society of Cardiology. He is now President of the International Atherosclerosis Society.  

Dr. Libby earned his medical degree at the University of California, San Diego.  

Nicolas danchin

Nicolas Danchin

Professor of Cardiology

As Professor of Medicine at University of Paris and Cardiologist at the ‘Georges Pompidou European Hospital’ in Paris, Pr. Danchin has a special expertise in coronary artery disease, spanning prevention to treatment.

Holding an MD and a PhD in Medicine from the University of Nancy, he leads a preventive medicine center in Paris and holds positions in prestigious cardiology societies and European committees.

Heinz-Peter Schultheiss

Heinz-Peter Schultheiss

Professor of Cardiology

Pr. Schultheiss, Cardiology Professor at Hospital de la Charité Berlin and CEO of IKDT Berlin, is specialized in endomyocardial biopsy diagnostics.

On top of his research activity, he actively oversees diagnostics for patients with unexplained heart failure or suspected myocarditis. Since 1990, he's been active in national and international societies.  

Pr. Schultheiss holds a MD and a PhD in Medicine from the University of Freiburg.  

Our Expert team

r&d manager
rida al-rifai

Rida Al-rifai

R&D Manager

Prior to joining POLYGON, Rida worked as a post-doctoral scientist in Hafid’s team at PARCC, studying immune responses in cardiovascular diseases. During her Ph.D., she conducted a thorough analysis of implantation sites for cell therapy products in a model of ischemia.

She graduated from the Faculty of Pharmacy at Université Paris-Saclay and holds a degree in experimental surgical procedures.

bioproduction lead
christian bailly

Christian Bailly

Bioproduction Lead

After 12 years as an INSERM Research Unit Director, Christian spent 15 years in the Pharma industry. At Pierre Fabre, he managed both chemo- and bio-therapy research programs and led the CDMO activity of the group.  

His expertise spans worldwide development and manufacturing of injectables products (cyto, mAbs, ADC).

Christian holds a Ph.D. from University of Lille and a postdoc from University of Cambridge in Pharmacology and Chemistry.

toxicology lead
jean-paul briffaux

Jean-Paul Briffaux

Toxicology Lead

With a strong expertise in toxicology, Jean-Paul previously worked as VP for Scientific Operations at Charles River Laboratories and was elected as President of the French Society of Toxicology by his peers for a 3-year term..  

Holding a Doctorate in Veterinary Medicine, he has taught at the National Veterinary School of Lyon and has been active in the CRO industry since the late 70s.  

r&d project manager
luna chetrit

Luna Chetrit

R&D Project Manager

Prior to joining POLYGON as Ph.D. student in R&D unit, Luna worked as business analyst at Sanofi and as research intern at and at the Epidemiology and Population Health Research Center of Gustave Roussy Institute, honing her multidisciplinary skills.

She graduated from AgroParisTech with a specialization in Human health and toxicology.

clinical ops Manager
amalia droal

Amalia Droal

Clinical Ops Manager

With a strong experience in the pharmaceutical, NGO and biotech industries, Amalia works as clinical development consultant for POLYGON. She holds a worldwide expertise on innovative clinical trials in CNS, immunology, rare and neglected diseases.  

A graduate of Rennes I University, Amalia holds a Doctorate in Pharmacy and a master’s degree in clinical project management. 

r&D manager
vincent duval

Vincent Duval

R&D Manager

Prior to joining POLYGON, Vincent worked as a post-doctoral scientist in Hafid’s team at PARCC, studying immune responses in cardiovascular diseases. His previous Ph.D. research focused on post-ischemic cardiac remodeling.

He graduated from Ecole Polytechnique, where he studied mechanics and physics alongside biology, and holds a master's degree in biomechanical engineering from Paris-Saclay University.

regulatory affairs lead
linda lebon

Linda Lebon

Regulatory Affairs Lead

With over 25 years in Science & Regulatory Affairs, Linda specialized in strategic drug development, project management, and interactions for startups and SMEs. She gained extensive experience at Pfizer and GSK, and furthered her expertise in Regulatory Affairs through work with various biotechs.

Linda graduated from University of Liège in Biology and HEC Liège in Management.  

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